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Re: AUDI 100LS Turbo!

On Tue, 25 Nov 1997, Paul R Anderson wrote:

> By the way, isn't this the same engine as the 924 except they
> put and OHC head on the 924?  If so, it would be an easy bolt-in.
> I'm getting ideas for a turbocharged 924 engine in a 72 100LS.  
> Talk about a sleeper!
> OK.  You can laugh now.

The cylinder head deck height is greater for than OHC head than 
for the OHV head, so I was never sure if this would work or not.
You might have to custom fabricate some air guide parts for the CIS.

But, my normally-aspirated '74 100LS Automatic had a Weber carb
on it, and I could lay a patch (3-4 feet) from a standing stop.
The auto tranny had a high stall speed, and woul snap your neck
back when shifting under full throttle.

In many respects, it handled better than all but the latest Audis,
as it had multilink front suspension (at least, I believe I saw 
that one of the newer models, A8 maybe? actually has both upper
and lower control arms).

But I won't have to reminisce forever!

-Douglas Hurst Quebbeman (dougq@iglou.com)
Current AUDIs:
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