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5000 hyd. pump

>From: jjwjr@ix.netcom.com
>Subject: 5000 hyd. pump
>I am going to replace my 86 5000CST's hyd. pump.  I have access to a
>used, but recently rebuilt(ZF) unit from another 86 5000, but it's part
># is not in the Bentley.
>The Bentley talks about 2 different part #'s:
>Old:	035 145 155 G
>New:	035 145 155
>What I have available:	035 145 155 DX
>This pump also has a GREEN tag, the Bentley talks about a silver tag
>unit and a red tag unit.  My present one is a red tag.
>Is the GREEN one compatible?
>Jeremy Walters

Check the Bentley! The length of the banjo bolt is different (and not by
much), and is indicated by a groove around the head. Not interchangeable.

I'd post the number sets, but the Bentley I used was borrowed.

The pumps *should* be interchangeable, (and I'm sure to get flamed if not),
but it appears that the plumbing connection bits must stay with the
matching pump.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman