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re: intercooler mods, and motronic modification software in EC 1/98

C1J1Miller@aol.com wrote:
> Even more interesting, potentially at least, is the sidebar on using
> motronic ignition to add a turbo or supercharger to a normally
> aspirated engine  ..."Bonneville Motor Works has taken a different
> approach, designing a tool called the Motronic Editor for use by
> tuners wishing to dynamically recalibrate their Motronic system.  This
> software displays Motronic air-fuel and timing data in a graphical
> format for easy modification, listing timing or injection
> specifications for engine loading within certain specific ranges of
> rpm.  The program uses the Windows 95 operating environment.  
> (Contact Jim Conforti at 801/943-4181).

Not to upset the Audi purists on the list, but Jim Comforti has some
kind of god status among the BMW crowd, specially the M3 guys. 
Supposedly his chips consistently outperform the best of the best
including Dinan, Autothority and the rest, making not only more power,
but smooth power (read: the dino chart is very smooth without any power
suckouts or spikes) and being more driveable on the street.

He was selling the chips out of his own home for only $100!  He has now
decided to let other people market and sell his chips so that he can
concentrate on developing more chips and doing more custom tuning.  He
is supposed to be a great guy, with great knowledge about electronics
and engine management systems, and great attention to detail in his
work, but extremely busy.

Mandatory disclaimer before I get accused of advertising, etc, etc:
I have never met him or talked to him.  I have no association with him
and have never bought or used any of his products.  I am simply giving
some background on this person since his name is new to the quattro

Luis Marques
'87 4kcsq