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Report from Pittsburgh

Last week, I made a trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (far west of
Philadelphia, near Ohio) on business.  Since it's only a 3-4 hour drive
from DC, I decided to take the Audi out.

The drive was uneventful but quite rewarding (isn't that good that the
appeal of a car I've had only 5 months hasn't worn off?  I am part of the
MTV generation, you know :)  Anyway, I was staying in a rather wealthy
part of Pittsburgh, known as Shadyside (think of it as a small-scale
Georgetown, for those of you familiar with DC).  I couldn't believe the
number of Qs I came across.  There were A4s aplenty, and lots of 100s and
200s as well.  I probably saw more A4s there in a day than I see in DC in
a week (and that's awfully hard in a city where the majority of people
drive imported cars).  Of course, it all makes sense since Pittsburgh gets
a lot more snow, but it was comforting nonetheless.  Side note: I think I
saw every colour of A4 except white.  How rare are white (not pearl) A4s?

After that, I made an evening drive to visit a friend in Lewisburg, PA,
which is about an hour north of Harrisburg.  Because it was so far north
of Harrisburg, the directions I was using (www.mapquest.com) had me avoid
the PA Turnpike (too far south) and take State Route 28 for about 80 miles
leaving Pittsburgh, until it joined up with I-80.  That was a great
driving road-- lots of hills and curves, and surprisingly well paved.  The
traffic wasn't too bad (it was a Friday evening) so I was really able to
cruise through there.  More importantly, I suspect that given the type of
road, law enforcement is relatively scarce (unfortunately, I got a ticket
while on I-80 -- 75 in a 65 is $120 in PA!).

97 A4 1.8tq