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Trans/diff fluid change

On the 91 200qw, changed the trans/diff fluid last night from Mobil 1 to
Redline MT90.  Shifts noticeably better.  

Just want to verify my procedure, though.  I drained out of two plugs
and refilled in one.  Bentley says capacity is 3.4 quarts.  Isn't clear
whether this is trans AND diff or just trans alone.  Found no separate
reference to front diff capacity, only rear diff.  I was able to put in
only about 3 quarts.  I will check the level again later today after a
little driving (I live only 1.5 miles from work and it's about 40
degrees).  There is only one fill plug for both trans and front diff,

I had the car elevated a bit in front when I drained, and then further
elevated the left side a bit when I filled.  It was almost midnight, and
I was working outside (35 degrees) so I'm assuming it was too thick to
distribute itself as quickly as I was filling it.  

Any ideas, corrections, or other input is welcome...     ~8-0

P.S.   BTW, to fill the transaxle on both my Audis, I use a baby shower
kit.  It's a 2-3 foot length of hose about 3/8-inch I.D., a little
shower nozzle, and a bathroom/kitchen sink faucet adaptor.  They cost
about 4 bucks at Wal-Mart.  When I put in the Mobil 1, it came in
bottles with small funnel-like caps which I would just wedge into the
end of the hose.  The Redline bottles aren't as high-tech but they fit
perfectly into the faucet adaptor peice.  The little shower nozzle is
not used in either case.  8-^   Before draining I drive a bit to warm
the existing gear oil, then I lay the bottles of new fluid on/around the
engine to warm them a bit as well, making the new fluid easier to
squeeze thru the hose.  Sometimes, I'll actually zap them in the
microwave for a minute or so.

Ed Kellock ................... Greenville, SC  USA
91 200qw  .....................  87 Coupe GT