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re: turbo exhausts

In a thread about a week back someone was asking about turbo exhaust systems;
I seem to remember an ad in a recent European Car magazine advertising the
first "negative pressure" system.

A reply in that thread discussed using a forward facing pipe to channel air
along with the exhaust, creating a low pressure area that would aid in
drawing out the exhaust from the system.  Seems to me that an easier way to
accomplish this would be to direct the exhaust into the stream of air passing
by the car, at the rear (with no additional drag).  As air passes over the
car, it would create a low pressure area behind the car (like in a wing,
gasses moving faster over the wing than under creates lower pressure and
lift...).  This is seen in racing when moisture condenses in the wake of a
fast moving car (mist off the rear spoiler).

I realize that an exhaust sticking out of the back of the car a ways would be
a hazard, especially if struck from behind.  Maybe only a few inches would be
enough if properly directed; then the bumper-mounted trailer hitch could
absorb the impact (no trailer flames, please... just kidding).

Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com