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Thanks for the Giving!

Hello gang,

I've been out of town for a few days, so I am catching up
on the latest discussions:

Unka Bart and Dan Simoes could not have said it any better,
but .......I would still like to say a few words: Forgive
the wasted BW:

I signed on to the Quattro list in Feb. 1993 and I must
say that the number of new friends I have met, the amount
of knowledge I have learned, and the good "Audi" times has
exceeded any and all my expectations. 

I would like to say "THANKS" to everyone I have had the
pleasure of meeting both on-line and in person these past
years as a direct result of this crazy thing we know as the
Quattro Internet list.

As someone who has made the mistake of posting a few
"nasty" responses to others posts, here are my words of

Even though it may seem like fun to be the Judge, Juror and
Executioner and attack someone's post or their views, I
I have realized the error of my ways and have learned to
respond in a positive manner with posts that further the
intake of knowledge and lessen the expulsion of wasted hot
gasses. I can always respect the right of others to express
their views even
though I may not agree with them or may think they truly
are a lunatic.

Hopefully this method can avoid a flame fest which
almost always seems to end in a pissing match. The smell of
burning urine is not one of my favorites, (don't ask me how
I know). I have learned to accept my shortcomings and I
will do the same for others.

In the greater scheme of things, all this Audi stuff
(intercooler efficiency?) really doesn't amount to a hill
of beans when you compare it to a life threatening illness,
the loss of a loved one or the pleasure that comes from a
great friendship.

So..... go forth and be merry, and turn down that spring
tension on the internal bypass valve in our heads, it just
may prevent you from blowing your top........

Special thanks to:
Bart Chambers, Dan Simoes, Orin Eman, Steve Eiche, Dave
Lawson, Robert Houk (RDH), Phil Payne, Ned Ritchie, Graydon
Stuckey, Scott Justusson, Robert Dupree, Steve Buchholz, 
Dave Head, Eric Fletcher, Randall Markarian, John Karasaki,
Kent Crossley, Alex Neckas, Mike Hopton, Thompson Smith,
Linus Toy, Eliot Lim, Gary Erickson, Nathan Belo, Ingo
Rautenberg, Hans-Jurgen-Schneider, James Marriott, Tom Nas,
Chad Clark, Ben Howell, Jeffrey Goggin, Igor Kessel, Paul
Timmerman, Todd Candey, Bob Myers, Ed Kellog, Arun Rao, Dan
Hussey, Jim Griffin, Todd Phenneger, Eric Renneisen, Craig
Hillis, Jouko Haapanen, Adam Dieckerhoff, Pat Martin,
Bernie Strub, DeWitt Harrison........

Scott M.