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re: can the bomb be fixed vs. replaced?

C1J1Miller@aol.com wrote:

>Reading the most recent European Car magazine, in the Rolls-Royce article ,
>pg. 68, there is an aside:  "Another troublesome feature is the hydraulic
>system; no long-time Citroen owner will be surprised to hear that.  Seals
>fail after years of use, nitrogen-filled pressure spheres need to be
>recharged, and the brake fluid used in the...."

>So, anyone know a R-R mechanic, (or even a Citroen one), and want to inquire
>about repairing/recharging the bomb?  Can't believe that audi would have
>invented the bomb...

Citroen spheres can be recharged once, after that they're junk. New ones
seem to be not too expensive, but they're the only reason for the tons of
otherwise intact Citroen BXes (Golf-size car) populating the scrapyards
here. Note: most of these cars are never disturbed for other spares and are
crushed intact. The only things BX owners need are those ******* spheres...

The sign of imminent hydraulic system failure on the BX is the 'Space
Shuttle position'- nose pointing upwards and rear bumper on the ground.

As you might glean from this, the BX is not my favourite mode of


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