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Re: Volvo competing with Audi

At 7:45 PM -0600 on 11/25/97, Fringe Ryder wrote:

> Maybe it's not as dark as it seems.  Besides, will the S4 next year really
> come only with a slush?  I hope not.

Folks, are we forgetting about the S6, that only comes(to my knowledge)
with a 6-er and Q?

Lazy Americans don't like having to "work" to get somewhere...let's face
it, automatics are seen(wrongly) as being more "luxurious" because they're
"easier"; nevermind the lower milage(well, ok, depending on how you drive.)

There are various manual-autos out there that are neat, and those might be
a good substitute...I remember reading that Porsche built an experimental
manual gearbox with stuff to make it an "automatic" with "manual"(ie,
up/down buttons) control.  They showed a picture; it was rediculous.  Huge,
overweight, required a large amount of robotic/controlling ciruitry, was
extremely complex and hard to repair.  They gave up after building one


Brett Dikeman
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