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Speedo woes...

Hello all-

First of all, thanks again to everyone that took the time to share some
insight regarding the recent speedo/odo concerns.  I certainly learned a
few things  - this list is great for one's learning curve.

Well, as you may remember, I diagnosed my speedo sensor at the
transmission to be dead - open circuit.  Mine, incidentally, is the
electronic type with a small square shaft that engages with the tranny
works as the unit is threaded into place.  I got a new sensor, installed
it, but was still at 0 mph.  [Then I started driving, but the needle
STILL wouldn't move!  ;-)  ]  Took the sensor out, tested it - DEAD.
This "new" sensor came to me in a suspicious looking bag - opened, and
odometer mileage handwritten on the label.  I figured that I must have
gotten a used, bad part that had been restocked by mistake.

Got yet ANOTHER new sensor today - tested BEFORE installing (for
variable resistance across leads 2 & 3 as shaft was turned) - looked
okay!  Great.  Problem solved, I thought...

Installed and started driving - needle at zero.  Diagnosed sensor -
DEAD.  Bummer.  I had already checked the fuse panel (very first thing)
- fuse just fine.  Something in the circuit appears to be frying my
sensors.  Before I dive deep into Bentley's circuit diagrams, please -
any BTDT's??

Standing still,
-David  '885kcsqw