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RE: ur-q 10v on unleaded?

From: 	owner-quattro@coimbra.ans.net on behalf of David Eaton

>what is the story about running an mb 10v, designed for 96-ron leaded on
>unleaded gas?
Whats that noise? Its Phil setting up the fiche again...:-)

But maybe I can get there first. The MB engine is designed to run on 98ron 
super unleaded (Phil says its on the fiche) there's a sticker inside the 
filler flap.

>here in nz leaded petrol is no longer available and the super unleaded
>is 96-ron.
We've got 25 months left, super u/l is 98ron here and costs 7% more than 
leaded (and thats pricey enough). The UK government has negotiated a special 
deal with the EC to allow 'classic' cars to run on leaded after the ban comes 
into force, something like 0.25% of fuel sales will be allowed to be leaded. 
Problem is, who's going to be selling it?

>  there is an additive available for cars which require the
>lead for valve stem lubrication.
The RAC reckon that none of the UK lead substitutes work.

>what would happen to a 10v (specifically an 1985 ur-q) which was run
>with unleaded without an additive?
I asked this question (about a MB) when I was at an engine rebuilder a few
months back,the guy replied that Audi I5's have had hard valve seats since at
 least the late 70's and my engine would come to no harm. Whether it would
 actually  perform ok on lead-free was another question, and he recommended
 using  an octane booster if using standard ul.

Jim Haseltine
88 Ur quattro