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Re: CQ colors/Findings? -Reply

For any of you who were interested, I can add a few schemes to this
list now...

>'90/'91 CQ Color schemes please.
>The few I know:
- Red/Tan
- Silver/Gry
>Buttercup ;-)/Blk
-Creamed Corn/Gry
>Continue to see an anthracite (metallic green) color CQ here in the
>bay area, but its the only one I've ever seen.*

Also determined that Lago Blue is indeed the winner here, but at
speed it looks awful green.  Could probably make some proof based on
speed, atmosphere, prism effect, etc that could prove this theory,
but I'll leave theory to you turbo guys ;-)

>Derek Daily
>86 VW Qtm Syncro (If I could catch her I'd ask her)