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Re: Installing driving lights - help

>1) Power: where is the best place to get power from? Obviously taking it
>from the battery is no good since its in the back. I've heard people talk
>about taking it direct from the alternator - how is that done?

The alternator is a fine place to take power from, simply put a eyelet on
the end of your lights power lead and put it under the nut that holds the
battery cable on.  Of course, you must use an inline fuse to your lights.

>2) Where is the best place to go through the firewall for the switch?

Where your accelerator cable goes through the firewall, there is a grommet
to protect the sheathed cable from scratching... push it gently through
there, of feel around the firewall, most cars have an extra grommet to
provide for wires for other options or features not on your particular

You should consider using a relay, also, thus not having long high-current
wires going through the firewall.

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