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Re: New guy with a problem

There are two good ways to get a pressed in bushing out of a crankshaft. 
first is to find a shaft or piece of round bar stock or a pin punch which
just fit
easily into the inside diameter with no dragging.  Then fill the cavity
with grease
and drive the shaft in with a hammer.  This should press the bushing out.

The other method is to find a bolt which will thread into the bushing
cutting its own threads.  Screw it in and that will give you a handle to

Let us know what worked.

Paul Anderson, Cheyenne, WY  Private email:AndersonPaul@juno.com

On Wed, 26 Nov 1997 22:14:56 -0500 "Scott Chaney" <Scott.Chaney@MCI.Com>
>Hello! I signed up yesterday and I am looking forward to exchanging
>information with everybody. I've been searching for a place to get a 
>of answers about my German-built vehicles.
>     I currently am driving an 88 VW Quantum with the 5-cylinder which 
>believe is identical to the Audi 5k engine. I also have a 5ks 
>"project" car
>that I got in trade for a motorcycle. The engine had seized due to 
>lack of
>oil and the deal came with another engine from a wreck. The car has a
>5-speed transmission while the engine from the wreck was an automatic. 
>problem I am having is with the pilot bearing swap. The bearing for 
>auto is a plain "bushing" that seems to be machine-pressed into the 
>while the standard has a needle bearing style pilot. I cannot come up 
>an easy way to remove the pressed-in bushing so that I may replace it 
>the bearing for the 5-speed. Someone did suggest a slide hammer, but 
>is no ridge to attach it to behind the bushing....the crank is not 
>through the center of the bushing. I hope someone knows a quick way to 
>this because I have a new clutch ready to go and I am looking forward 
>driving my "new" car!