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Re: 4kq 4000rpm cutout

> There are two fuel lines connecting the fuel injection system to the pump/tank
> at the rear of the car.  One is flow and one is return.  For this purpose, it
> doesn't matter which is which.  Follow them both to the side of the metering
> head.  If one doesn't go there, just follow the other.  If the bolt securing
> the line to the side of the head has a hexagonal head - you have one of these
> filters installed.  If the bolt has a round head with a 10mm Allen socket in it
> - you don't.

I assume you're talking of the hollow bolt type of hexagonal connector.
If I look at the fuel distributor in the Haynes manual for the
100 & 200 up to 1990 they show the fuel distributor with hollow
bolt type connectors, the fuel line comes in and a bolt goes through
it and the bolt is hollow and fuel goes through. On my Turbo (200T)
I have lines going through the top of the connecting bolts
instead of the bolts going through the round end connector of the
fuel lines. Would these things have the filter in it?

The reason I am picking up on this thread is that if I run my car
fairly hard, when it gets to about 3000-3500 RPM it feels like
it sags and becomes weak. If you're driving it it is quite noticable.
So I was thinking if might be this filter you guys are speaking of.
You are all thinking of the KE-Jetronic injection, right? The  Turbo
released in this country had its injection reverted to the normally
aspirated  injection system.

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