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Re: My 5kt was rear-ended!! (sob)

On Wed, 26 Nov 1997, Frank J. Bauer wrote:

> phil (a legend in his own time) sez:
> >I don't know if I've shared this with the list before.  A senior police
> officer 
> >(traffic division) came up to me in my local pub a few weeks ago and said:
> "We 
> >can't catch you, but we know who you are".
> high praise indeed!
> frank
I'm flattered to have started this thread! Anyway, the 5kt is OK, it will
be appraised next week, and is still getting me around. It's speaking in
tongues due to the crack in the resonator and the pipe pointed at the
pavement, though.

A big thanks to the list and happy Thanksgiving to the US contigent. For
all the responses WRT areas to check for damage, likely costs, and a
source or two for the bumper cover! I'm quite a blunderer, and couldn't
contribute to the turbocharged flame war. So I'll give thanks to the
techies for putting up with me. And sorry for the BW Phil.