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4kq 4000rpm cutout

In message <347D2EB8.8C759536@poboxes.com> Gerard writes:

> I assume you're talking of the hollow bolt type of hexagonal connector.
> If I look at the fuel distributor in the Haynes manual for the
> 100 & 200 up to 1990 they show the fuel distributor with hollow
> bolt type connectors, the fuel line comes in and a bolt goes through
> it and the bolt is hollow and fuel goes through. On my Turbo (200T)
> I have lines going through the top of the connecting bolts
> instead of the bolts going through the round end connector of the
> fuel lines. Would these things have the filter in it?

No.  But there is one (I recently discovered) in the short end of the frequency 
valve - the green valve with an integral mesh hose in the fuel return line.  If 
this is clogged then high-rpm enrichment will fail.  There's a chance this is 
your problem, but it's only slim.  See below. 
> The reason I am picking up on this thread is that if I run my car
> fairly hard, when it gets to about 3000-3500 RPM it feels like
> it sags and becomes weak. If you're driving it it is quite noticable.

Obviously the first thing is to pull the codes.  However, you might want to 
take a short-cut and check the WOT switch with an ohmmeter.  Scott Mockry 
suggests that half of the cars over 100000 miles have defective WOT switches - 
I've found two bad ones in the last five cars I've looked at.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club