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NGK or Champion plugs?...(again)


I know there have been some questions about what plug works better.
My 200T has a slight hesitation when running medium-hard at about
3000-3500 RPM, it might be that the fuel filter has never been
changed and that the fuel pump has to overwork, or it could be the
fact that as far as I know the HT leads and plugs have never been
changed. I haven't changed them  since I got the car about 4 months

So, anyway, the local MIDAS guys are having a "christmas sale" and
their plugs and leads are running half price. On the spark front
they have Champion and NGK. Which single-prong plug between these
2 makes works best on the I5 turbocharged motors from Audi? I understand
that both manufacturers have tri-electrode plugs. Once again, are
these really better than the single electrode plugs? I know Bosch
have the 4 electrode silver-plated cathode models. They're toting
these as being the best around. What should I be looking for as far
as cathode material goes? Copper, iron or silver/silver-plated?

Which work better to reach boost quicker? I remember an earlier post
saying that NGK say their tri-electrode plugs are for high pressure
applications, but then it said that it improved idle but took longer
to get the motor to max boost.

So which is the better plug for idle and hard running?

As for HT leads. They're selling BOUGI CORD and Champion cord. Both
fully suppressed, but which is better? What should I be looking for
in a HT lead? Oh yes, can't find Blue Ignitors in this place...

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