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Borla exhaust mufflers and resonator tips...


If some of you noticed some of my previous posts you'd know that the
guys I bought my 200T from stuff on a 2nd muffler of about 45mm
diameter onto my exhaust piping which is 57mm. The welding point is
now eaten through and if I give gas to the motor I get a semi-horrific
beat from my exhaust note. I know I need to change this thing and
put on something new that will give my motor that smooth, yet
harty, sound. I've seen guys speak of Borla mufflers. I've also seen
ads for Borla's resonator  tailpipe tips in US magazines sold here
in South Africa. But do you think these exhaust systems will be
available in this country???? Nope.

I've seen Borla's website and am impressed with the marketing they
do as far as reviews from racing folks go. I also like the statements
that the mufflers give better flow that a straight piece of pipe.
Now, if I take my mufflers off I'm gonna have one loud car. Borla
say they do damn good sound damping. My question is: just how good?

How good is the quieting effect these mufflers have?  The 200T, like
the rest of the turbo motors on this list (in stock form), run with
2 mufflers. I was wandering if, to get more power, I can fit a
larger bore piping and run a single muffler from Borla instead?

I've seen the posts that widening the bore gradually from the
header to the pipes helds turbo motors, but is that really true?
Some guys say putting on a larger bore pipe doesn't really help and
I should stick with the stock piping diameter. If I stick with the
piping diameter and fit a single Borla muffler then what sort of
running and performance benefits can I expect?

Borla make the following exhaust mufflers:

	XR-1 Oval Stainless Muffler
	XR-1 Bullet Stainless  Muffler

At least, those are the ones I am thinking of. Anyone using the Oval
and/or Hemi? Which one is better as far as sound deadening goes w.r.t
power gains? Someone on this list recently said he was going to
switch over to a single large Borla Hemi. Why? Is it much better than
the Oval? Don't they deaden sound equally?

What about the Bullet? For that matter, what is are Midgets as mentioned
on the Borla website? These things look very small to me and don't
look as if they can deaden any sound, but Borla indicate them to be
extremely effective. Anyone running the Bullet?

What do you guys think of the following setup: Borla XR-1 Raceline
Oval stainless muffler (2.5 in) centre box, Borla XR-1 Bullet Stainless
muffer (2.5 in) rear box, Borla dual intercooled round angle cut
2.5 inch to 3 inch tailpipe tip.

Is that too much? What are those resonator tailpipe tips? Are they
tailpipe tips with muffling equipment? Someone said they do the
same job as the normal muffler box? Heck, what are resonators anyway
and why would I get one and park it onto my tailpipe?

Is this setup I'm thinking of going to be too restrictive on flow?
Or does Borla's design work so fantastically that even though I'd
get more flow through I can still get excellent noise deadening?

What about Borla Turbo and Hemi? Anyone running them instead of the
XR-1 series?

Well, that looks like a fair amount of questions for now.


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