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4kq 4000rpm cutout

In message <347D6E72.219A4140@poboxes.com> Gerard writes:

> > Obviously the first thing is to pull the codes.  However, you might want to
> > take a short-cut and check the WOT switch with an ohmmeter.  Scott Mockry
> > suggests that half of the cars over 100000 miles have defective WOT switches -
> > I've found two bad ones in the last five cars I've looked at.
> Ok, so here I am, standing at the front of my RHD motor. Hood open,
> fuel distributor to the left or me (RHS of car). What do I look at,
> what do I touch, what do I put an ohmmeter to, in what state does
> the motor have to be (running/off), what lines are what? And yes,
> I am an idiot asking idiot questions.

Engine off.

Find the throttle cable.  Follow it to where it goes over an actuating
quadrant.  The quadrant is mounted on a spindle that controls the
butterfly valve inside the throttle body.  Where the spindle comes out
of the other side of the throttle body there is a switch with a
connector plugged into it.

Pull the connector off.   The centre pin on the switch should connect to
one of the others.  This is the 'idle switch' - just move the throttle
quadrant a tiny amount, and it should go open circuit.

Now connect up to the centre pin (again) and the _other_ contact on the
switch.  Move the throttle by hand to the fully open position.  The
switch should close between 1/2 and 2/3rds throttle.

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