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bomb recharge procedure???

As of noon, EST, turkey day, we have the following comments on the proposed
bomb recharge procedure:

Valves and plumbing don't seem to be a problem - reference all-metal
schrader-type valves on CNC machines, routinely running 4000 PSI.

Nitrogen handling procedures are not problematical.

Drilling into the bomb is the advisable method for making it safe for
disposal, so drilling the hole for the valve isn't a serious risk (at least
wear eye protection!).

There was a very good comment about the structural integrity of the
pressure sphere after the valve was installed - I didn't think of that -
however, the bomb WAS filled from somewhere and then sealed at the factory,
so presumably, that would be the place to look at for the new valve hole.

There was also a comment about 10-year-old Audi rubber being capable of
holding back ANYTHING, let alone 2,000 psi of nitrogen - spoken like a
true, experienced Audi owner! It seems a safe bet that not all the bombs
will be rechargeable, and those that can will need it at more frequent
intervals than the 7 year +/- life of a new one - but if it's done for next
to nothing, and lasts 18 months per shot, it's just like filling your
tires, right?

This is starting to move out of the realm of what-if speculation, and
toward possibility. Turns out I'll be changing my bomb in the next few
days, so I'll have a bad one to examine and experiment on. Keep the
comments coming - we can do this - after all, we're AUDI drivers, and have
to fix all sorts of strange devices!!!!!

Best Regards,

Mike Arman