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CQ colors and Einstein's theory

>Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 14:55:10 -0800
>From: Derek Daily <ddaily@SMTPGW.MITSUICOMTEK.COM>
>Subject: Re: CQ colors/Findings? -Reply
>For any of you who were interested, I can add a few schemes to this
>list now...
>>'90/'91 CQ Color schemes please.
>>The few I know:
>- - Red/Tan
>- - Silver/Gry
>- -Blk/Blk
>- -Lago/Blk
>>Buttercup ;-)/Blk
>- -Creamed Corn/Gry
>>Continue to see an anthracite (metallic green) color CQ here in the
>>bay area, but its the only one I've ever seen.*
>Also determined that Lago Blue is indeed the winner here, but at
>speed it looks awful green.  Could probably make some proof based on
>speed, atmosphere, prism effect, etc that could prove this theory,
>but I'll leave theory to you turbo guys ;-)

Yes, this (Lago green) at first was believed to be a manifestation of the
well-known relativistic effect on light waves--called the "Red-Shift"--and
predicted by Einstein's theory at about the time of the introduction of the
ur-quattros. Later on, it was determined that the green appearance of the
'90-'91 Lago-blue CQ was seen _only_ during hard acceleration, and this now
has been shown to derive not from gravitational interactions with light but
rather from another relativistic effect--"the Envy effect" caused by the
lack of turbo-boost (get it? "green with envy"). ;-)

Still a very cool vehicle, though.

Happy Thanksgiving to all Audi folks--pearl, black, Tizianrot, Lago....

Phil Rose

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