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Re: Exhausted!

> I am having a TERRIBLE time removing the old exhaust.  I am now down to ONE
> bolt.  It is on the front (catalytic converter) of the muffler pipe.

The pros just break 'em (by tightening) or cut 'em (with a torch, you
could use a sawzall).  I learned here that ammonia (yes) breaks down
rust.  Experimented on some exhaust pieces I had to dismantle to use on
my car, I was able to undo all three cat bolts the "normal" way.  Just
brush on the ammonia, let stand for a few minutes, try again.

Huw Powell
HUMAN Speakers
79,80,81,*82*,83,84,85,86,87,88,97 Audi Coupe (GT)...