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PC question - no Audi content

Dilemma - 
I have been offered a new PC from work if I want. The question is do I
take it.
My current machine is a Dell Optiplex GL5133 Pentium with 32mb memory.
On offer is a Dell (something-or-other) 200mz MMX Pentium with 32mb.
I mainly use the PC for photo manipulation, i.e. scanning prints, negs.,
and slides, then modifying the image and storing.  The biggest problem I
have is trying to scan at high dpi (memory allocation failure) and the
time it takes to re-draw the screen after a requestor box has come up.
The HD can be heard clicking and whizzing for ages, presumably because
there is so much 'swapping' going on. On occasion this has taken up to 4
Would the new machine help or would I be better off putting an extra
32mb into my existing machine to give it 64mb total?

Any advice appreciated.
George Harrison
County Kildare,

'85 ur-q
'86 80 Sport