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Re: MC Engine that lacks a Turbo Filter

On Thu, 27 Nov 1997, Douglas H. Quebbeman wrote:

> Help!
> I thought I had an MC engine in my '86 5kcstq (the data tag in the
> trunk says so!), but today, when beginning an oil change, I noticed
> that it lacks a separate ilter for the turbocharger! Right about where
> it would be, there is instead a large (19mm?) bolt head (maybe a
> banjo bolt?).
> Was this done during a part of this engine's production run? Or,
> is this engine from some other model/year?
> The car was built in March 1986, VIN is 44-G-11415. Is the code
> on the engine visible without removing stuff?
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I thought the same on my '87 5000t- build date 6-86- I heard it was
supposed to have dual filters, but later on I heard that this was a
running change taking place around '86. The filters are not the
determining factor as to whether it's an MC or not. Perhaps a more
experienced lister (Phil?) could enumerate the distinctions?
My conclusion is, it's likely still an MC.