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RE: ur-q 10v (wr) on unleaded?


yeah, i screwed up.  the 1985 ur-q is the wr not the mb engine.  pretty
sure it was leaded only on that motor, while the mb was unleaded as you

another lister said that the valve seats are hardened, but i think that
the problem would be with the valve guides which, for a motor designed
to run with leaded gas, require the lead for lubrication.  hence no
additives and unleaded gas = excessive valve guide wear and much smoke.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

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>Date: Wed, 26 Nov 97 22:31:29 UT
>From: "Ian J Haseltine" <Jim_Haseltine@classic.msn.com>
>Subject: RE: ur-q 10v on unleaded?
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>>what is the story about running an mb 10v, designed for 96-ron leaded on
>>unleaded gas?
>Whats that noise? Its Phil setting up the fiche again...:-)
>But maybe I can get there first. The MB engine is designed to run on 98ron 
>super unleaded (Phil says its on the fiche) there's a sticker inside the 
>filler flap.