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valet key question

I tried to get an anwser from a key shop about Audi keys, but the right
person wasn't there that day. If it's like VW keys the differance is in
the thickness. We found this out after my daughter lost the thicker
owners key and we only had the valet key available to make anew one
from. after three trys at three different places we found out about the
valet key vs owners, the keys would open the doors and igition but not
the glove box & trunk. The trick was to have the lock shop cut the VW
key on a Audi Blank. I wonder if the opposite would work to get a valet
key for an Audi, use a VW blank. I' a new lister, hope this helps.
Dick Miller  89 Audi Avant 100. Looking for 80 or 90 Quattro or V8
Quattro 1988 thru 91.Midwest Illinois,Wisc. Thanks.