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85 urquattro

Dear quattro people,

Anybody knows about smoked colour rear light lens for sale for my 85
quattro coupe? I would also buy transparent front turnsignal lens (in the
bumper) for the same car (mine is yellow now). 
Technical question. What is the indicator for a worn out kardan bearing?
Is it a constant brumm from about 45 mph up? 
Is it necessary to have an oil cooler on a 2226 ccm 5 cylinder non turbo
engine? Originally it does not have one, and the oil temp goes up to 130
degrees Celsius even on winter days when I push it hard. 
What is the best possible speaker to be mounted in the dash (10 cm that is
4 inches) ?

quattro regards

Assistant Professor 
Department of Radiotherapy
University School of Medicine
PECS, Ifjusag utja 13.
7624 Hungary