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Re: Anyone heard of Armstrong 4-way adjustable shocks???

Monroe, hey? About a week ago I went to a local shock fitment joint,
had the shocks tested and then asked for shocks for the Turbo cars.
This guy started telling me they make special shocks for these
motors, have to have them brought in from Belgium. He showd them to
me. Then he starts telling me that a different company manufactures
these Armstrongs he is showing me as they're highly developed shocks
and not made around here. So I look at the shock and it has Monroe
stamped on it, but is running the Armstrong details. All of them
were oil shocks and not gas. I don't know where they're getting
them from. Also, it's about US$200 for the 2 rear shocks. These
Armstrong adjustables are for struts, ie. they have 1 mounting point
on the top of the shock. They're cheap too, about US$80 for 2 front
shocks. But, again, they're still not gas.

Has anyone here ever seen or used Avo Shocks? They have a website,
but it has only 1 page. The shock system is height and dampening
adjustable. (www.avo-shocks.com)

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