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Re: Jamex air induction kit...

> K&N produces square filter (sort of box shaped w/o a top or bottom)
> elements that would be suitable for producing your own kit. You'll just
> have to find the appropriate size.

I've seen these things. They don't seem to be the best fit for those
K-Jet air boxes.

> This brings up the old thread about hot underhood air being sucked into
> these filters. Then degrading performance, instead of increasing it. I
> measured the air temp that these filters take in, on my Corrado temps
> rose to 30 - 40F above ambient. Not a good mod.

Well, if I look at the air intake of the current setup it curls back and
sucks air from right alongside the turbo so in the current form it
can't be sucking in cool air anyway. Also, I looked at the placement
of the intercooler on these 200T cars and was thinking of ducting
air directly from the front into the airbox, but ofcourse the
intercooler placement takes up all the space on the grill and the
pipe that'd need to be passed along from the intake to the grill
will have to go across the front of the motor around the intercooler
to where the aircon temp sensor is located. I've seen a Nissan Sabre
running a turbo and a K&N filter you speak of, it had a vent cut into
the top of the hood and ducted air directly into the injection system
and  this thing flew at 260km/h and still accelerating.

The Jamex I speak of will also suck a whole lot of hot air. How would
one fit the K&N to increase air intake and how would one duct cooler
air through to it? What about sucking air from the bottom of the


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