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V8 5-speed info

Hi All,

Especially you, Dan!  And thanks to Brother Bob Myers and the others who
have sent me the tips pointing me to Dan!  I truly appreciate the
thoughtfulness and consideration!

To the others, especially Phil and others who pay by the byte, Sorry for
the bandwidth!

I'm outa here before the sun rises to drive (571 mi) to Aiken, SC; to take
my mom to a wedding in Atlanta manana.  Hope to drive back in MD Monday, so
will be unable to do anything about the V8 5-speed until Tuesday.  I expect
I'll have some word from the Insurance adjuster by then, but I'm seriously
considering selling the 911 for the cash to get the 5-speed ( this, or
another if things don't work out propitiously with this one ) and make it
my prinicpal toy.  If I go that far, I'll probably need to find a nice VW
Cabrio, or another Quantum Syncro for the Faire Dora.

( I may be able to make some calls before leaving SC for Atlanta on
Saturday, but this is an unknown for the moment. )

Damned inconvenient, but life has a way of dealing strange hands now and then.

Then again, it sure beats the alternative!  Have a great weekend, I'm gone
when this hits the ether...