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Re: Coupe Non-Perf.

Rich write's:
>First off, the cold start injectore does not come on when cold.It does,
open if
>I wire 12volts to it.Secondly his timing is set 3 degrees advanced at idle
>jumps to about19 degrees advanced at 3500 RPM.Is this correct?also, there
>serious power loss after 4000 RPM.The full throttle and idle switch both
>correctly but are not changingthe fuel to enrichen it. (it is running
>ideas? already tried adjusting the CO. No help.computer possibly??

The cold start injector has a "thermo-switch" and associated relay within
its operating system.
Any one of these components, as well as a bad ground, can cause the problem
you described

The "stock timing" (according to Bently) is 6 degrees BTDC at idle(900rpms).

Audi's "customarily" run lean.  If your Audi looses power above 4000 rpm,
your timing is 3 degrees ATDC, then these two problems are probably related!
Your intake system may have an "air-leak".  Your fuel pump may be going bad.
Determining the exact malfunction, is a "process of elimination"  Having an
Audi repair manual is a "MUST", especially for electrical problems!

When was the last time the air filter was changed?   Plugs?