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automotive multi-test meter

I need some advice about a low-cost (under $200?) meter for automotive
testing plus general (household-type) electrical measurments. Specifically,
is there any opinion or knowledge in Qlistland about the Sunpro model CP
7680 meter? This is a digital, autoranging multimeter (3 1/2 digits). In
addition to the usual volts, ohms, current--it also reads both RPM and
dwell for 4,5,6,8 cyl. It sports a "hold reading" button (and some others
that I can't recall), and also measures frequency (320-->32kHz range). Has
inductively coupled leads, and a probe to measure temperature
(thermocouple, I guess). About $129. I don't want to spend $400 or $500 for
the "real thing". Will this meter likely do a decent job at a measurements
such as oxygen probe output? Other suggestions? Thanks.

'91 200q
'89 100

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