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Re: Coupe (non performer)

> > Just to let you know.  I have 2 4kq exhoust manifolds and  downpipes for sale.
> >  These will give you 10-15 hp and a lot better throttle response.  I would
> > sell them for 150 for both and 90 a piece.  Check the archives for
> > testimonials.
> > Pat
> >
> Will this bolt up to both coupes??
Yes, and it's a much better system.
> Do I have to pull the head to do this??
Probably, unless you get real lucky with the studs.
> If so, should I consider a valve job and/or port and polish?

I found a boss on the transmission that is disposable touched the
Sawzall fixed all.  You'll need to relocate the OXS.  Speed shops sell
"OXS bungs" which are about 1-1/4" diameter chunks of steel with
internal threads for the OXS.  Cut a hole and weld it in, use a heated
OXS because it's further from the nice hot head now.  The 4kq downpipe
also won't mate naturally to the back of your system.  Good time to get
a single muffler 55 mm system installed!

Do it, do it, do it.

Huw Powell

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