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Overhot VW

Well, now that I have gotten the answer to my Audi question, I'll ask
my VW question(s). My Quantum (88 5 cylinder) tends to run hot all
the time. I found a couple of archives about the problem, but they
say it's normal. I beg to differ since the heat has caused other problems
under the hood: my window-washer bottle is placed in line with the
fan and takes a lot of the heat (fan works great). The bottle has been
hot enough to partially melt the cap on the bottle. This also causes
the fluid to boil out of the pump and leaves deposits which ruin the
pump. (I have put 2 or 3 in it the last 2 years and it is currently
broken). The temp gauge does not show actual temp, but has a flashing
"warning" light that sometimes will flash the entire time I am driving on
hotter days. The car runs great except for a whine in the transmission
and it also seems to be labored when sitting at traffic lights, etc.,
(A lot of engine vibration seems to be transferred to the passenger compartment.
I think these are two different problems, but maybe someone thinks
they are related?

Scott Chaney

88 VW Quantum
87 Audi 5k (under construction)