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Re: 2wd sway bars revisited

Dwight Varnes writes:
> We got to thinking (wondering actually), what does the Audi 80/90 use
> for sway bars? Front only, front & rear, or is the suspension different
> than that of the previous 4000 (and thus the Coupe; hence the question)?
> How is body roll controlled in the 80/90?

The B3-body 80/90 (1988-1992) uses essentially the same
suspension setup as the B2 4000 series.  On the front is Macpherson
strut with a lower A-arm and an anti-sway bar.  For FWD cars, the
rear is torsion crank axle (with an integral anti-sway bar) and a
panhard rod.  On quattro, it's essentially the front suspension
turned 180 degrees, albeit no rear anti-sway bar.  The B4 90s
(1993-1995) have a different rear suspension to allow room for
the larger trunk and folding rear seatbacks.

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