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New A6 Avant: it's official

Hi all,

My offer of spy photos of the new A6 Avant last week got slightly OBE
(overtaken by events) as this week's Dutch AutoWeek contains the official
factory photos. Man, is this a beautiful car! Being a big fan of the new
A6, I find the Avant even better-looking.

What AutoWeek says:
-In Germany, the price for the new Avant has been lowered (premium over the
sedan is only DM500, as opposed to DM3700 for the previous model)
-Standard equipment includes roof rack (black; chrome as an extra), net
between passengers and luggage, 'secret' compartments under the floor mat,
12V plug in the rear, courtesy light in the tailgate and more.
-With the rear seat up, there's 455 litres of luggage area. Fold the seat
down and you have 1590 litres.
-In Germany, maximum trailer weight is 2100 kg.
-Engines initially available: 1.9TDI (110 hp), 1.8T (150 hp), V6es of 2.4
(165 hp) and 2.8 (193 hp) and a 2.5TDI (150 hp)
-AutoWeek goes on to predict an S6 (Step aside, Nostradamus... ;-) )
-Pricing in Germany is between DM57900 for the 1.9TDI and DM76400 for the
2.8 q.


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