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Re: Worth a shot?

The engine could just be the tip of the maintenance needed. When I
picked up my 5000 tqc for $500 with a bad motor I thought I had a good
deal. ANYWAY, I got the motor for $400 withonly 60,000 mi. 

It took me a couple days to put it in (since I did it in my garage) Then
another 5days to figure out I had an intermittent connection problem on
the hall sensor.
When I got it out on the road--I soon realized it needed struts badly
and a peculiar smell of asbestos.
Now it's over a year later...I love the car it's great all the way
around. However, I put at least $4000 just in parts into the car
(clutch,brakes, calipers, struts, turbo, rims&tires, etc.)

My advice...Take a real close look at the car especially since you
probably cannot drive it.

Good luck!