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Re: engine dies on hot day

Hi everyone,
I spoke to two mechanics about my engine cutting out on a hot day (30C+).
One of them said it was common problem with 1991 Audi 90 cars, aparently   
lack of air flow through the engine bay can cause this. He thiks it's the   
vapor lock phenomena.
The other mechanic said he had not heard of a such a problem, and that   
it's not a common problem, and since it only happend on a very hot day it   
would be hard to troubleshoot.
I am stumped as to what to do.
Last time it happened, I suspected the fuel pump relay and swapped it for   
another right on the spot but it did not help even though I heard the   
pump working while trying to start the engine.
So far I changed fuel pump and fuel pump relay, but problem still occurs.
When it happens I can heard the pump changing it's sound.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Mark Zvolanek
'91 90