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I went through several months ruling out every thing, even getting a "clean
bill of health on the cat via Midas who temperature checked front/back
temp. finding the back temp, >
the front and thinking cat was ok. Hugo, the local Volvo
guru from the old country, wasen't impressed with the dozens of tests I had
done. He put on a new cat and boost went from amax of four psi to 8psi.  I
took it home and cranked it
to a comfortable 10 nominal, and 14 on bypass. Any more
and fp stops. Wow what a difference!(Sorry for the Volvo reference-the
process was identical)
mike posner
82 Audi coupe
90 Audi200
84Volvo Tbo wgn.
89 TTA pace car
83 Volvo 245 DLwgn
41 Cushman airbourne