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"91 200q Replacement Radiator Questions

Well, I think my '91 200q radiator has now deteriorated to the point
that I must replace it. The crummy plastic inlet nozzle has lost yet
another piece and I think that it's not worth trying to save with the
glue in fixes.  Does anyone know where an all-metal replacement unit can
be had?  The '91 200q rad is unique in that it has two extra nozzles
that are used in conjunction with an auxiliary radiator.  I checked with
Imparts and was told their all-metal unit does not have the extra
nozzles.  Does anyone know if the so-called "three row" all-metal unit
is efficient enough to eliminate the need for the auxiliary radiator on
this car? Keep in mind that this car occasionally pulls a light trailer
over the Cascade mountain range in August and experiences several
Quattro Club track events a year.  TIA for any help you can provide.
Kent Crossley, Portland,Or.
'91 200q (mine)
'93 90CSq (hers)