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Re: Maine winter rally

In a message dated 97-11-30 06:06:35 EST, MikeZ755@sprintmail.com writes:

 Have fun all of you. Stay worm. I will not be running or even servising
 do to my resent trip to England. My red Toyota is undergoing further 
 transformation into GrA. I found it tough to purchase 18 tires, which is 
 proper number for this event. I even don't own this many wheels yet.
 My rally year will restart with Ski Sawmill in spring. Make sure to go to 
 national award presentation party. It doesn't happend on east coast 
 Stay worm
 Mike Zamikhovsky

Thanks, I know we'll have fun, as always.
Yup will be at the awards since last year we missed em been in WA state.
I'll see you in Ski Saw mill, thats the one we always go to and enjoy the
most as a small rally and all known people or as we say rally comunity.

LATER and