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Hey guys, the worst happened today while attempting to drive back to
rochester ny from pa, I hit a deer in my 98 A4 2.8 with 1800miles on it! It
just came out of no where, I hit the barkes but couldnt avoid it.  Well it
smashed the windshield , dented the roof between teh windshield and sunroof
and dinged the rear door..i guess it coudl be alot worse..i know that the
winshield is an easy fix and teh door ding can be fixed by teh dent
wizard..but the roof dent worry me...is the roof a repacable pannel?  how is
roof damage repaired? 

anyone know of any excellent repair shopsor delars in cleveland ohio or
pittsburgh pa?  im having the car flatbedded tomorrow, so please relpy soon! 

my poor baby..i hope everything is fixed perfectly, luckiliy i didnt hit it
head on!

others please be careful try not to drive at night during this season!

or 412 588 2214

anyone with info please help!

Thank you!