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I sent this email message to you some time ago when you
mentioned your low boost problem, did you ever try this and
do this test? 

Does your ur-Q have the small  pipe upstream of the
convertor? It is usually bolted to the intake manifold.

>>From 9/29/97 7:30PM
>>You should be able to take the car to a muffler shop and
>>have them check the backpressure in the exhaust system, I
>>believe they can connect a pressure gauge to the CO
>>tube that connects to the exhaust pipe and see if the
>>pressure gets too high when the engine is revved up.

Scott M.

> Today I bit the bullet and pulled the cat. I "cleaned"
the cat and 
> dramatically reduced the back pressure with a sleeve.
Method based on 
> listmembers suggestions. I do not endorse this method. It
is a bad bad thing. 
> I used a 11.5" section of 2.25" pipe, stuffed cat w/
fiberglass for sound 
> purposes, used pipe expander to snug pipe into cat body.
>  Voila, Instant 13 psig. The exhaust sounds a little
throatier. The biggest 
> difference besides the fact that the car now accelerates
like a bat out of 
> hell, is that the boost spools up much faster.