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'88 90 questions

I have a friend that just purchased an '88 90 FWD and he has some questions
about the car.
1. Temp gauge - when the car is cold, the temp gauge starts to climb up to
about the 1/4
    position as the car warms up and then suddenly drops back to cold.  The
needle does not
    move after this.  Is this a sensor problem?
2. Idling - the car seems to idle very high.  He cleaned out the ISV and it
did not solve the
    problem.  Also the car's idle jerks down when he lets off the gas
although we both believe
    that a relay controls the idle upon deceleration be keeping the idle
high.  Any ideas?
Thanks in advance for any input.  Please cc me privately as I am off of the
list for a week or so
while I change jobs.

Regards,  Jeffrey Smethers (smethers@fast.net)
Span America (Harleysville, PA)
'74 tii, '86 4KCSQ  BMWCCA