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'86 4ks airflow pot

Hi all,

So, does anyone recall the Bentley procedure for checking the airflow pot?
The manual mentions specs as (if I recall)

term 1 - 2 :  < 1kohm
term 2 - 3 :  > 4kohm
term 2 - 3 :  varies above 4 kohm

I'm assuming the 1st two are static and the last one is with the 
thing moving.  I additionally measured ~5kohm between what must have
been term 1 - 3 (static)  What is this thing anyway?  Just a 5k pot?
Should the last test vary between 4 and 5kohm?  If not, then what?

Anyway, the first two above check out ok (987ohm and ~4.2kohm) but 
the last one doesn't.  It seemed to flutter around 3k, but not much

Also, what would I expect as driveability problems with a bad pot
and does the computer go to a default value or values for various
failure modes.  I'd note that the overall problem I'm trying to
fix is an intermittent bog (tough to find when its not consistently
there) and that disconnecting the pot seems to do just about nothing.
No better / No worse.  


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