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Re: MC engine that lacks Turbo filter

Anyone want a Fram "turbo" oil filter for an '87 5kCST? <grin>

It's very cute though...an itty-bitty filter.  What's even better is that
the Haynes shows where this filter goes, but doesn't mention that only the
earlier turbos have this filter.  Gave me a headache for about 2 days
trying to figure out where the f*@# that stupid filter went.


At 10:54 AM -0600 on 12/1/97, Daniel Hussey wrote:
>    If this is the FRAM guide, please....someone write them and tell them to
> change it!!!!  I know I am not the only one who bought two filters the first
> time.  All the late model US Audi turbos (MC engine) have water cooled turbos
> and only one oil filter.  The earlier 5k turbos had two because their turbos
> were oil cooled.

Brett Dikeman
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