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Re:Cruise Ctrl and Horn prob on '85 4KCSQ

Mike Watz wrote:

>When the outside temp is cold...the cruise control...slowly drops after 
> settting the speed...Once the car warms up and/or the outside temp
> warms, it works fine.

It sounds like the vacuum is bleeding off when it's cold.  Maybe the
pie-pan diaphragm that opens the throttle is getting tired.  Take off the
hose at the back when the rubber is cold, push the diaphragm in, plug the
port and and see if it will hold its position against the throttle return
springs.  If it's holding there, it's leaking someplace else: the vacuum lines,
possibly the brake/clutch vacuum dump switches, or the pump itself.  

As for the horns, it could be the relay in the fuse/relay panel.

Best Wishes,