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Re: Maine winter rally

>From the motherlist-

> when is (was??) the rally????
> John
> (deep in Maine)	

It is this weekend! Check the website below! Frank Sprongl/Dan Sprongl
have won this winter event 4 times in their Audi S2! They also won the
summer event this year after pouring Coke and flour on their slipping


I'll try to be there... my CQ is on the frame puller... just waiting for
a new motor mount and crossmember so they can pull it. Hopefully it will
be ready by this weekend for the PRO Rally and the TSD rally on Sunday.
Hope to see some listers there!

* Ramana Lagemann		          	
* Cohasset, MA			 
* mailto:elmool@tiac.net
* 1990 Coupe Q