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Re: ur-quattro wheels and tyres...

>has anyone run tsw "imola" 8jx 17 wheels?  these have a spoke patern
>similar to the ronal oem wheels.

The OZ SuperTouring wheel actually looks more like the Ronal R8, IMHO ...
besides, I believe it's now available in 9x17 and 8x18 sizes as well as
8x17.  :^)

>i'm considering 215/40/17 tyres because i don't want to over-tyre the
>quattro and want to keep the ride height as close as possible.  problem
>with this is the availability of 215/40 is limited to say the least, so
>i might be forced to 225/40 with a slight penalty in ride height.

215/45-17s work just fine and are perhaps the best compromise ... they're
also relatively cheap, as 17" tires go.  On my Ur-Q, I've got 235/40-17s on
the front (8x17 Compomotive MO w/33mm offset) with 215/45-17s in back (same
wheel) ... there isn't enough room up front to fit anything larger without
rolling the outer fender lip (only the rear lips were rolled by the factory)
but there's enough room in the back for a 245/40-17.  I don't know why
anyone would want to put larger tires on the back, though, as it only
increases the car's understeer ... BTDT.

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